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Top Genres on Kiss Anime and 9anime that you should not ignore

Kiss Anime and 9Anime Watch online in High Quality

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Are you guys tired of your boring schedule or 9 to 5 office work? Wait, we have a plan for you that will blow your mind. We have brought something that you will love and it will make your evenings full of joy and happiness. We have bought a free anime watching platform that you can watch with your family and can enjoy for hours. Unlike movies which are made for adults, these 9anime shows can be enjoyed with the family anytime. the benefits of watching kiss anime is that you don’t have to pay a single penny on watching anime and on the other hand you get premium features for free which are play, pause, record, stop, watch later and more. most of the cable companies charge a heavy amount for these features but for you, they are absolutely free.

Top Genres on Kiss Anime that you should not ignore:

Crime: Crime s the most trending genre on Kiss anime and also the most watched genre. He reason is that it is filled with suspense and deals in investigating the criminal activities. It is watched by more than 43% of total audience of the Kiss Anime which is pretty high.

Romantic: Yes, romantic but you can watch it with children too. People love to watch Kiss Anime’s romantic genre shows such as 1001 Nights, 3X3 Nights, a Tree of Palme, Accel World and more such amazing shows.

Action: Action genre deals in fights, and action scenes.  This genre is best suited for people who do not like to watch sweet genres like romance and more. The most popular shows in action genre are 91 Days, Aa Harimanda, The Accel, Ajin, Air Gear and more. Shows in this genre are generally short and will help you to entertain in short period of time.

Comedy: If you are bored from your schedule and want a break then you should watch comedy genre shows such as A Chinese ghost story, Ah! My Goddess – Flights of Fancy, Agent Aika, Aho Girl and more. You can watch these shows online and they will surely tickle your bones.

Features of Kiss Anime

Kiss anime is pretty popular site which takes responsibility to entertain you and duly fulfills it. The developers of Kiss Anime are professionals and they do their job properly. The numbers of shows posted on website of Kiss anime cannot be counted easily. There are hundreds of other features of Kiss Anime and 9anime but we will tell you only few of them:

  1. Enough shows to entertain you: The numbers of shows posted on Kiss Anime are more than 100+ per month, so you can stay free from worries because we are here to rescue from boredom.
  2. Easy to use: The navigation of site is easy to use and you can easily sort pages according to the genres, series, topic and more.
  3. Downloadable: Do you also get frustrated due to low internet speed, if yes then you will surely love this feature. Yes, you can download Anime shows on Kiss Anime and can watch it anytime eon your computer.
  4. High speed surfing: If you have a high speed internet connection then it is a good news for you because, kiss anime supports high speed surfing which will not pause in middle of the show. This means that you can surf for lot of shows without any buffering or a pause due to the less speed.
  5. Watchable with families: Yes you can spend weekends with your family now and watch shows for hours and hours. The shows available on Kiss Anime are good to watch with the family and contain no nudity or any other objectionable scene.

My Final Words: Kiss anime is the best anime site that you can ue to watch shows on the we, there are enough shows in every genre on the website which will help you to choose from the bulk. Along with that you can avail free features such as downloading anime shows, Forward, revind, record and other premium features which are a good source of earnings for cable tv operators. Hope you have liked watching kiss anime, if you really did feel free to drop a free comment and let others know about it.

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